A night full of emotions and unforgettable moments!

Finally, the International OCEAN FILM TOUR is sailing your way

Standing ovations for real-life OCEAN heroes
Volume 6 kicked off with an unforgettable night for all involved

PREMIERE IN HAMBURG: As Captain Peter Hammarstedt (CHASING THE THUNDER) takes to the stage, there’s no holding back: 1400 spectators rise from their seats to applaud the Sea Shepherd captain’s unparalleled vigor! Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson joined the premiere via Skype from New York City. And the evening held a once-in-a-lifetime moment for filmmaker Julie Gautier, when she was surprised on stage by her husband and freediving world champion Guillaume Néry! This emotional roller coaster of a night with stellar guests and a celebrated program, was concluded by the Sailing Conductors & Jack Mantis, who gave the audience a musical send-off with their electrifying live performance.

With this unforgettable evening in Hamburg, the tour kicks off and the new program is on its way to you!

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