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Stolen Fish

ENVIRONMENT // OVERFISHING. Off the coast of Africa's smallest country, Gambia, there are scarcely any fish left in the sea. As fishing is one of the main sources of income in the country, this is a big problem for many Gambians. Making a living from fishing has become difficult since illegal trawlers began draining the fish population off the coast en masse to supply foreign fishmeal factories. Their product is predominantly shipped to China and Europe as animal feed. Despite protests from the Gambian people, business is booming.

Insight into the realities of life for fishermen Paul and Abou as well as fishmonger Mariama come together to form the big picture; STOLEN FISH illuminates the history of faltering development in West Africa and the pull of a better life in Europe. 


How a chance encounter in a bar turned into a great documentary: In our exclusive OCEAN interview, director Gosia Juszczak tells us more about the making of her film "Stolen Fish", the current situation in The Gambia and how important the audience is for her as a filmmaker.

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