Salzwasser e.V.

Together for the ocean


We are shaping a sustainable future through comprehensive environmental education, inspiring events, and innovative projects.

What drives SALZWASSER e.V.

SALZWASSER e.V. envisions a world where healthy oceans and coastal ecosystems provide vital nature services and ensure social and economic opportunities. Oceans play a significant role in the global carbon cycle by storing and circulating 90% of the world's emitted CO2, making them the most important carbon sink. Therefore, healthy world oceans play an irreplaceable role in carbon sequestration and global climate regulation.

What SALZWASSER e.V. has going on in 2024

At the core of our work is environmental and climate education, as we see it as a key to sustainable development. We rely on experiential programs to create awareness, promote responsibility, and advance the goals of sustainable development. In 2024, we will offer diverse environmental education programs for schools and teachers, as well as three multi-day educational camps. Additionally, in 2024, there will be various event formats, including film nights, panel discussions, and exhibitions.

How to become active with SALZWASSER e.V.

You can get involved with us in various areas such as public relations, climate education, or fundraising. Your commitment is possible throughout Germany and remotely.

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