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Sea Shepherd

We fight to defend, conserve and protect the ocean


We are committed to stopping illegal fishing worldwide. 15-40% of the world’s fishing is illegal. We want to permanently end this industry.

What drives Sea Shepherd Global

Sea Shepherd Global is an international marine conservation organization. Engaging in direct actions, we combats illegal activities at sea and intervene boldly when marine animals are in distress. Through its efforts, the organization puts an end to poaching, ensures compliance with conservation laws, and prevents the destruction and exploitation of marine habitats.

What Sea Shepherd Global has going on in 2024

Captain Peter Hammarstedt and the Sea Shepherd Global team are on a mission to the Antarctic to highlight the severe overfishing of krill, essential for the diets of whales, penguins, seals, and seabirds, and vital for carbon dioxide sequestration in the ecosystem. The industrial krill fishing industry poses a existantial threat to that delicate balance, and despite the current legal backing for the industry conservationists are actively seeking regulatory changes. Through their initiative, led by Peter Hammarstedt and Alistair Allan, they want to shed light on this problem and strive to curb industrial krill fishing activities.

How to become active with Sea Shepherd Global

You can actively participate in either onshore or offshore campaigns with us or join the next Sea Shepherd chapter to support them at events or in public relations.

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