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Respect, Love, Save - Sharks


Our ultimate goal is to create intact shark populations worldwide. At the top of the food chain, sharks hold the ecological balance together.

What drives Sharkproject

Sharks are fascinating, beautiful, and incredibly polarizing creatures. At the top of the food chain, they maintain ecological balance and contribute to the preservation of a healthy fish population and coral reefs. However, many shark species are considered critically endangered. Therefore, Sharkproject advocates for globally intact shark populations. Shark conservation is marine conservation, climate protection, and essential for the survival of our planet. Without sharks, the ocean dies – and without the ocean, humanity perishes!

What Sharkproject has going on in 2024

Our ultimate goal and vision is intact shark populations worldwide. To achieve this goal, we are committed to fisheries reform, the establishment of marine protected areas and educating society. Various projects, campaigns and educational initiatives will continue to run under these guiding themes in 2024.

How to become active with Sharkproject

There are numerous opportunities to get actively involved with Sharkproject, such as becoming a campaigner at trade fairs, contributing as a school speaker in educational efforts at schools and at events, or working on specific issues as a project and campaign manager.

Get informed and take part

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